Our Values


At Shuttle Me SLC, we are committed to providing a service that is a cut above the rest. We know how we like to be treated and we want to see you enjoying the same comfort and luxury that we would want to feel. Our team strives to approach everything with excellence in mind and we pass that feeling on to our passengers.


Our fleet is modern and equipped with comfort and quality you deserve. We ensure our vehicles are quality inside and out – the kind of quality you can see and, even more importantly, feel. We are committed to giving you a quality experience that has all the amenities you need to truly enjoy your travels.


We have a team of highly trained drivers and staff members that are dedicated to providing a safe and valuable experience for you at all points of your travels. We hold our staff to the highest level of standards, ensuring our fleet and staff always provide the service you will come to expect with Shuttle Me.


With a combination of skilled drivers and quality vehicles, Shuttle Me provides the highest level of safety on the road. Our vehicles go through regularly scheduled maintenance procedures and are constantly monitored for safety and efficiency giving you the confidence to enjoy the trip and let all your worries subside.

Our Founders

Blane Russel


Mel Shingleton


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